Penn State Harrisburg Capital Campus

3. Where did you go to elementary school, high school, and college?

Penn State Harrisburgh - Capital Campus

1968-1970: – Kindergarten School

I do not recall the name of my Kindergarten school. However, throughout the years, my mom has reminded me of a question I supposedly asked my teacher Alma Butters (a distant relative), why did you put me next to this shitty boy?

1970 – 1972: 72 Miles Primary School – 72 Miles Bartica/Potaro Rd, Guyana

My family moved seventy-two miles up the Potaro river from Bartica. My father, who worked with the Ministry of Works and Hydraulics, was promoted and transferred from Georgetown.

During this time, I learned my most complex word to this point. In response to my dad’s questioning, his friend about his whereabouts, he stated what he was up to and then asked my dad if he had any OBJECTIONS? Objections! What a big word was my thought.

1972 – 1976: Lodge Secondary School (Formerly Lodge Government School, then Lodge Community High School)

Lodge Secondary School

I love gymnastics at the time. I was featured twice in the national newspaper.

Guyana’s motto at the time was Feed Clothes and housed the nation by 1976. Forbes Burnham – Prime Minister of Guyana (later President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana)

1976 – 1978: North Ruimveldt Multilateral Secondary School

I was part of a selected group of students transferred from Lodge Community High to North Ruimveldt Multilateral Secondary School – A new and better-facilized school.

I paid little focus on being a successful student. I spent lots of time on gymnastics and chasing girls. Ok, I admit it.

1978 – 1980: Wismar Christianburg Wismar Multilateral Secondary School

My entire family moves to Linden to join my dad.

I became a Seventh Day Adventist Christian and went from the worst-performing student to the best.

1980 – 1982: Linden Foundation High

I transferred from Wismar Christianburg Secondary school because I felt I could do better academically. I was right!

The current Prime Minister of Guyana, Mark Phillips, attended Christianburg/Wismar Multilateral Secondary. And like I, he was first employed as an acting teacher at Linden Foundation School.

1984 – 1985: Transport Canada Training Institute (TCTI) – Air Traffic Control / Aviation Meteorology

I won a Government Scholarship to study Air Traffic Control in Cornwall, Canada.

1995 – 1997: Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC) – Associate in Arts in Business Administration

I wanted to further my education while working as an Aircraft Dispatcher with Allegheny Airlines (a wholly-owned subsidiary of US Airways.)

1997 – 1999: Penn State University (Harrisburg) – Bachelor of Science in Computer Science / Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems

At the time, this was the second-largest campus in the Penn State system.

1999 – 2001: University of Pittsburgh / Carnegie Mellon – Bachelor of Science in Computer Science / Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems

In June of 1999, I moved to Pittsburgh to work with US Airways as an Aircraft Dispatcher.

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