Nigel Cumberbatch

2. Were you named after anyone? Did you have any nicknames as a child?

I don’t know if I was named after anyone.  That was never a conversation I had with my parents.  Nigel was a common English name for boys born in England from the 1950s to the 1970s. The number of boys given the first name Nigel peaked in 1963 to 5,529.

Joe Pool Lake, Texas

As a child I had a few nicknames.  In middle school I was called “Lil Man,” because I was short and at times in my friends opinion, acted like a fully grown man.  In my early teens I wore a gold tooth that solidify this name.  In high school my friends called me “frock(dress) tail.”  They alleged that I was alway chasing “skirts.”

I prefer my nickname today, which is NIGE’. It means: Now I’ve Got Everything, including my beautiful kids, Mieshia, Melessa, Marquia, Malik, and Mitchell

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